Healthcare Programs for your pet!

We are so proud to be able to offer our pet community Healthcare programs, aimed to make your petcare as simple and economical as possible!



We aim for happy owners, as well as healthy pets! 

That is why we have created a lifetime vaccination plan where a one-off payment of $400 will give your pet annual boosters and annual health checks for the rest of their life.

We want to help make looking after your pet as easy, concentient and economial as possible. This initative also acts to improve the pet vaccination status in our local area, vaccination being vital to keeping our pet community happy and healthy.

Please download our brochure here for more information.


 Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program will help ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life. 

The Wellness Program provides members with an all-inclusive list of preventative healthcare treatments and services for a small monthly fee of $29.95. It is a hassle free and no-stress program designed to benefit the health of your pet, and make your pet care simple and affordable.

Please download our brochure here or give us a call on 5427 9200 for more information about any of our programs!

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